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Toasts For Every Occassion - Order Now! As an award winning freelance photo journalist I started writing some fifteen years ago specializing in travel and yachting. My first book, TOASTS FOR EVERY OCCASION, containing wedding toasts as well as other entertaining quotes, was published by the New American Library, an imprint of Penguin Putnam, ISBN # 0-451-20301-1. It can be found in bookstores nationwide and online. It contains 'warm, wise and witty words collected from around the world'.

I found that most of the few 'toast' books available are really just teaching aids in how to be a toastmaster and give long speeches. They tell nothing of the history of toasting and contain very few toasts.

My book is different. It is a guide to, and a history of toasting, containing over 1,300 short pithy toasts in 171 different categories so there is literally one for every occasion, or which can be adapted to any occasion.

I have collected these quotes on my many travels around the world and many have never been previously published. Some books claiming a large number of toasts simply list the same ones in different categories, as there are many which might fit into several types such as humor, wedding, risqué, etc.

I did not want to have that repetition so my book indexes each toast. In other words, don't just look under humor in the Contents, but check the index for everything under humor or whatever category you're looking for in the index. The book sells for $14.00 US and $17.50 Can. It is doing very well thanks to all of you and has had multiple printings.

sample - "May your happiness be as deep as the ocean and your sorrows as light as the foam."author,book,toasting,history,TOASTS,book,OCCASION,yachting,world,winning,Welsh,watching,updates,traveling,travel,TOWER,toasts,toasting,toast,Rahel,Ragdoll,purchased,PRINCE'S,ocean,light,Katmandu,journalist,Jennifer,Iechyd,happiness,freelance,foam,editions,details,contribute,Conover,categories,award,author's,AUTHOR,author,book,toasting,history,TOASTS,book,OCCASION,yachting,world,winning,Welsh,watching,updates,traveling,travel,TOWER,toasts,toasting,toast,Rahel,Ragdoll,purchased,PRINCE'S,ocean,light,Katmandu,journalist,Jennifer,Iechyd,happiness,freelance,foam,editions,details,contribute,Conover,categories,award,author's,AUTHOR,

Thank you one and all! If you purchase the book and would like a signed copy, please email me with your address and I will send you a signed peel off book plate to put inside the front cover. Also if you wish to order online, click on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble links. Amazon even discounts the book!

If you would like to contribute a toast for a future edition, please e-mail them to me along with your full name so that I may list you as a contributor. If you have an appropriate toast(s) I will include it (them) in the book along with the author's name, if known.

When not traveling my husband and I live in South Florida with Leo, our Ragdoll cat.

Keep watching this site for updates and changes!

As the Welsh would say, Iechyd da!
(To your good health)

Jennifer Rahel Conover


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