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sample - "May your happiness be as deep as the ocean and your sorrows as light as the foam." author,book,toasting,history,TOASTS,book,OCCASION,yachting,world,winning,Welsh,watching,updates,traveling,travel,TOWER,toasts,toasting,toast,Rahel,Ragdoll,purchased,PRINCE'S,ocean,light,Katmandu,journalist,Jennifer,Iechyd,happiness,freelance,foam,editions,details,contribute,Conover,categories,award,author's,AUTHOR,author,book,toasting,history,TOASTS,book,OCCASION,yachting,world,winning,Welsh,watching,updates,traveling,travel,TOWER,toasts,toasting,toast,Rahel,Ragdoll,purchased,PRINCE'S,ocean,light,Katmandu,journalist,Jennifer,Iechyd,happiness,freelance,foam,editions,details,contribute,Conover,categories,award,author's,AUTHOR,

Jennifer ConoverOf Welsh heritage Jennifer Rahel Conover was born in New York City and raised in Washington, D.C. She began her working career as a high fashion model in New York City, then enjoyed a successful career in interior design before joining her husband in the yacht charter and apartment business. She decorated the Winter White House for President and Mrs. Nixon doing some work in the Washington White House as well.

As an award winning freelance photo journalist she started writing some fifteen or twenty years ago specializing in travel and yachting. She comes from a family of diplomats, politicians and military so toasting was a way of life. Her grandfather was the Honorable Joseph E. Davies, Ambassador to Russia and her step-grandmother was the legendary heiress, Marjorie Merriweather Post. Her first book, Toasts For Every Occasion, a guide to and history of toasts and toasting contains over 1300 toasts in 171 categories. It was released in 2001 and is available in bookstores around the country as well as from Barnes & Noble, and Powells Bookstore online. She's just finishing the third young adult book of a trilogy. They are full of Celtic magic and they have a strong Arthurian and Merlinesque theme with a crimson Welsh dragon from the royal line as an old friend of Nain The first book takes place in Florida when Nain's daughter brings her family over for a visit and the children discover some of the 13 Lost Treasures of Britain, the second takes place the following year when they're vacationing in Scotland and the third and most exciting of all takes place in Wales. The same characters are in all three books. In the third and last book they unwittingly find themselves involved in an Arthurian quest that must be completed before midsummer if the forces of light are to triumph over the dark.

Ted and Jennifer ConoverJennifer was fortunate enough to go on Marjorie Post's fabulous yacht, Sea Cloud both as a child and now as an adult on a number of Annemarie Victory's charters. She is the only journalist who is also a member of the family. It was Sea Cloud who gave her her lifelong love of sailing. She has long dark hair, going grey with a white streak down the middle, brown eyes and is somewhere between Catherine Zeta-Jones and death. Everything else changes regularly without notice! The handsome guy pictured with her is her husband, Ted.




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